Three Tips to Bringing Romance Back to the Bedroom After Kids, Pets, and Busy Life Happens

Remember when you and your sweetheart were hot and heavy, constantly longing to be together? Over the years, it’s normal for that romance, intimacy, and affection to fade. You get a home together, rack up responsibilities with pets, kids, and busy lives, and all of the sudden, the bedroom is the last thing on your mind.

Until one day, you remember how good it used to be.

This article invites you to bring romance back to your bedroom with the following three tips. It’s a process, but once you make the effort to invest in passion with your partner, you automatically reignite the embers of the love in your relationship.

couples-friendly mattress

Lie in Bed and Reminisce Together

Lie in bed, preferably on a couples-friendly mattress (because it’s important to be comfortable), and talk about your years together. Relive fond memories and laugh about embarrassing or hilarious moments spent with one another. Allow yourselves to feel that bond grow and hold hands or snuggle close while you reminisce.

Kiss. Nothing Else. Just Kiss.

You have hormones in your saliva that pass in minuscule amounts to your partner when you kiss. This act increases endorphins, which release serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Let your lips linger, touch one another on the face, and lean into the kiss. Make it loving and passionate.

Care More and Show It

When you notice you’ve lost the romance, it’s because you’ve both cared for so long about other things. By improving flirtation and care outside of the bedroom, you can improve intimacy and affection inside of the bedroom. Send sexy text messages, buy small gifts, watch movies together, and go on little dates. Everything counts.

Romance is only truly dead when two people decide it is. You can regain the spark and love you once felt for one another, in and out of the bedroom, by simply choosing to work on getting it back.