How To Choose The Right Piercing

One of the best things about turning 18 is finally having total autonomy over your body. No more needing to ask if you can change your hair, get a tattoo, or stay out late. Of course, this also means that you are free to get any or every part of your body pierced.

Choosing the right piercing can be tricky for a variety of reasons. If you are considering getting pierced but are not sure exactly where, consider the following advice for choosing the right piercing.


The first thing to consider is where you want your piercing. You can get a piercing just about anywhere on your body, including:

·    Ears

·    Nose

·    Lips

·    Tongue

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·    Nipples

·    Nape

·    Navel

·    Genitals

·    Chest

You’ll want to pick a place that flatters your features and is in accordance with any work or school policies on visible piercings. Those wishing to have a discreet piercing should stick to areas covered by clothing.


The type of jewelry you want will also determine what kind of piercing you get. Small jewelry is typically best for nose, ear, and eyebrow piercings. Large gauges or bars are best for earlobes, nipples, and the back of the neck.

A body jewelry shop can give you the best advice for which pieces are appropriate for your piercing.

Healing Time

You’ll want to consider healing time as well before getting a part of your body pierced, as piercings can take several weeks to heal fully. For example, those who get their tongues pierced may have trouble speaking for an extended period of time until the swelling goes down and the pierced area heals.

Typically, the fastest healing piercings are in the ear lobe and the labia, with an average healing time of four to six weeks.