Adjusting Rifle Scopes For Beginners

Are you just now getting your start in shooting rifles? This can be an exciting time, whether you are shooting for pleasure, learning how to hunt, or something else. One of the most crucial skills you can have when working with your new rifle is knowing how the scope works, and how to properly sight it so you can see your target with ease.

If you’re looking for easy information on how to adjust a scope, you have come to the right place. Follow these simple steps so you can learn how to sight your scope any time you have a potential shot lined up.

Know your eyepiece.

One of the biggest issues people have when learning how to work their scopes is how to focus properly on their eyepiece. This is one of the most important skills – after all, you need to be able to clearly see your target if you want an accurate shot.

If your target is blurry in your scope, then it is out of focus and needs adjustment. Make sure your rifle is properly mounted on a stable surface, and get into a comfy position behind it. You will then want to adjust the focus adjustment on your scope until the target is in clear view through the reticle.

Know how magnification works.

Scopes with adjustable magnification can also be a big help for shooters. You will notice this because your target will become bigger or smaller in focus depending on how magnification is set. Experiment with magnification at different ranges and see how it affects your perceptions in relation to shots.

adjust a scope

Knowing how your scope works is a huge part of being able to shoot your new rifle with accuracy. Take some time to learn how it works, how you can adjust it, and you will be able to land shots with much greater accuracy, easily.