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The iSR Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Seoul that seeks to advance academic research, policy analysis, and professional development of sports diplomacy in Korea and abroad. We are helmed by leading policymakers, scholars, and practitioners dedicated to promoting sports relations domestically and internationally.







  Apr. 21:  Publication of the first volume of the iSR Forum series

  Jan. 14:  Third Meeting of the iSR Board of Trustees



  Nov. 25:  Fourth iSR Speaker Series

  Nov. 23:  Third iSR Speaker Series

  Nov. 06:  iSR-Woosuk University signed a MOU for supporting socially disadvantaged children

  Oct.  23:  Second iSR Speaker Series

  Jul.  31:  Establishment of the iSR Foundation Press

  Jul.  28:  First iSR Youth Center Opened

  Jul.  25:  First iSR Speaker Series

  Jun. 22:  2013 iSR Forum

  May. 18:  First Taekwondo Competition for the best Taekwondo Dojang Flag

  May. 01:  Dispatch of Taekwondo Equipment to Zimbabwe

  Feb. 03:  First Meeting of the iSR Board of Trustees

  Jan. 21:  Founding of the iSR Foundation



  Nov. 21:  Inaugural Congress of the iSR Board of Trustees

  May. 15:  Founding of the iSR Institute



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